Our Trifam

beta tau omega

Brother Fraternity

rho delta chi

Chi Psi beta

Cousin Fraternity

Beta Tau Omega


Our brother fraternity, Beta Tau Omega, is the first established Asian-Interest Fraternity at Texas A&M University in College Station. The brotherhood was established in the Fall of 1994 with brotherhood, service, chivalry, leadership, and enlightenment about Asian American culture as their foundation. 

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Chi Psi Beta


Our cousin fraternity, Chi Psi Beta, is the first Indian Fraternity at Texas A&M University in College Station. They created "Brothers of India" in the Fall of 1998 and later changed their name to Chi Psi Beta Fraternity, Inc. With values such as loyalty, integrity, excellence, leadership and respect, their brotherhood prospers as they continue to serve their community through multiple service projects.

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